Welcome to Marshall International

We are a fun friendly VTC with a wide range of in-house division's and divisional skins, Weekly convoy's on convoy mode & truckers mp.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of divisions, custom skins and convoy's but also we have a wide range of trailers which go with each division. We have our own custom made depot's in certain places around the United Kingdom where you can deliver to and take out a number of cargo's from. We currently use Trucksbook for logging jobs. There is a few new projects on the horizon which our tech team are currently creating such as our very own custom job tracker and drivers hub.

In-House Division's

In-house division's run by an awesome management team. 

Custom Skins

A wide range of custom skin's for all of our drivers.

Weekly Convoys

Fancy driving with friends ?... Why not join one of our weekly convoys

In-House Trailers / Custom Trailers

We've got you covered when it comes to trailers. We have a large variety from standard curtainsiders all the way through to the heavy haul trailers. Plus custom skins for certain types of trailers. 


We have 3 depots in different locations of the United Kingdom. Dumfries, Hawes & Norwich.

Our Creators

Our VTC custom skinner and depot creator.

Interested in applying to join...

If your interested in joining the VTC and driving for us at Marshall International then you can click the link below to apply & a friendly member of the admissions team will review your application and get back to you within 48hrs.

“I absolutely love Marshall International VTC! The VTC is going from strength to strength with what the owner wants to create and everyone is onboard with it.”

— Sparky



Marshall International VTC



About us

At Marshall International VTC, we are passionate about trying to create the perfect VTC which everyone will find relaxing, fun & friendly. No stone is left unturned in what we do.